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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Talk

We're visiting our grandkids for this Memorial Weekend. I brought books for the kids. I always bring books. Books for me to read, and books for gifts for them. Always books. I guess it's a grandma's job. The title of one book is "Grandma and Me". It's a lift-the-flap book. It begins by asking Who's at the door. You guessed it, it's grandma and she brought books. As we sat visiting, my granddaughter asked if she could have some Cheese-its we brought with us. I teased her that she could only have one. She said, "Only one, not too much." She kept jabbering something. My daughter explained it's a book they read. They held this whole book talk. She made a connection from one word in our conversation to a book she reads regularly with mom. Two and a half and she loves reading. She'll sit and read the new books over and over. Since I got here we've read the books twice. After each one she says, "What next?" That's the best thing about books, there is always another to read.

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