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A place to share your blues, missing your grandbabies. Tell me how you keep that close bond of a grandparent. Share how you've kept in touch from a distance.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Staying Connected

I've probably said this a million times, I always thought I'd be close by my kids and remain a part of their lives. Well, life has other plans. They grow up and move away, and if you are very lucky, they keep in touch. My daughter has done an excellent job of keeping me informed of their daily lives. That's the best part, the ordinary going-ons of their days. It helps me picture them there in their home. When she calls with a triumphant report of Kenzie's potty training, I hear her announce in the background, "I did it!". These little things she calls to tell me are 'big' things to me. I AM a part of their lives.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Treat Treasures

Packing for a visit with our grandkids always involves more than our personal items. I start months ahead of time collecting small gifts to take to them. Mostly books. The drive takes us about 8 to 10 hours depending how long our leg-stretch breaks take. I packed a cooler with bottles of water and our favorite Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. To minimize our stops and stave off hunger, I packed an eco-friendly grocery bag of snacks. When we arrived at our daughter's house, the bag was stashed in a corner in the kitchen. Our little granddaughter spent the whole weekend investigating the treats in that bag, each day discovering something new to taste. She'd alternately beg or sneak a bite of CHEEZ-ITs, or Reese's Pieces. Fortunately, there were still a few items left for us to munch on our return trip. When we got back home and started unpacking, I found a tiny Barbie Doll blouse in the bag--evidence of Kenzie's treat raids during our visit. Was she sharing her special things with us? Or was she insuring our return? No doubt about it, the summer cleaning projects can wait. We are already planning our return visit to meet our new grandbaby in October.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Big for Kisses

At the end of our Memorial weekend visit with our grandkids, I scooped up first my granddaughter then my grandson and kissed up each cheek. Little Makenzie giggled through it, and Cedric smiled. He's getting close to being too big for kisses. He tolerates it with smiles because he sees us only twice, sometimes three times a year. If we lived close by I probably wouldn't get away with it. That last night, my husband stayed up late. I hugged Ced goodnight and felt his little warm body. I teased him that he should come to bed with me to be my heater, since Papa was staying up. After I dressed for bed, Cedric came quietly in and asked if I really wanted him to sleep with me until Papa came to bed. He promised Papa he'd wake up and go to his bed on the couch when he was ready to come to bed. He is eleven, and a half. I guess he's not too big for kisses from Gubba.