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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Big for Kisses

At the end of our Memorial weekend visit with our grandkids, I scooped up first my granddaughter then my grandson and kissed up each cheek. Little Makenzie giggled through it, and Cedric smiled. He's getting close to being too big for kisses. He tolerates it with smiles because he sees us only twice, sometimes three times a year. If we lived close by I probably wouldn't get away with it. That last night, my husband stayed up late. I hugged Ced goodnight and felt his little warm body. I teased him that he should come to bed with me to be my heater, since Papa was staying up. After I dressed for bed, Cedric came quietly in and asked if I really wanted him to sleep with me until Papa came to bed. He promised Papa he'd wake up and go to his bed on the couch when he was ready to come to bed. He is eleven, and a half. I guess he's not too big for kisses from Gubba.

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