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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Growing Older, Staying Young

Since my last post, we've welcomed a newcomer to our family. He is now 18 months old, and I am experiencing my 14th year of grandparenting. My 57th birthday is fast approaching and is partially responsible for my lapse in keeping up with this blog. As my husband retires this month, we both are experiencing a paradigm in our roles, dreams, and views of life in our golden years. One of those realizations is that the young growing years are the most important for us to stay connected with our grandkids. While they are young, they look forward to our visits, and we enjoy watching them play and frolic around us. With the age span of our grandkids, we've already seen how quickly they grow. Soon enough the teenage years take them off on their own path of exploration, leaving us sitting alone in our rocking chairs. We are determined to keep each other moving, healthy, and young at heart. We will continue to enjoy our grandkids, as long as they have time for us old folks.