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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Sounds

My daughter and I stay in close contact. No more than 3 days go by, and one or the other of us is calling to see how things are going. I love the early morning calls on my way to work. Or the excited, spur of the moment calls heralding news of some great accomplishment of the kids. That was the type of call I received recently. Makenzie has been potty training. Carrie gives me updates on her progress. We've had a few congratulatory chats about wearing "big girl panties". This most recent call was of the 'other' kind of potty. Yay! That is really good news considering there is a new baby on the way. Each call is subject to Makenzie's mood as to whether she'll talk to me or not. Most times she whispers her answer to my questions, trying to draw out some conversation from her. Or she just nods her head in answer and I hear my daughter remind her, "Say yes, Gubba can't hear you shake your head." Most of the conversations are with my daughter keeping me abreast of their lives. I love to listen to the sweet sounds of the kids in the background. It's like those candid photos from unexpected moments of life.

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