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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Someone once told me that when something happens to one child, everyone feels it. I know it to be true for me. I can't watch news of a tragedy involving a child without feeling as if it happened to one of my children. Bullying is a tragedy. Recently, my beloved grandson was the victim of bullying. Bullying of the racist kind. When the story was spilled, we realized it had been going on for a couple of months. With the move to a new school, he was just trying to fit in, find his place. There was no room in that for telling. When he did, he told his mom he felt like killing himself. Many would say, "That's just kids being kids. It'll make him tough." I say it's what caused Columbine, and the young girl from Ireland that killed herself. When I was young, kids made fun of me because I wore thick glasses. That was easily remedied later with contact lenses. How do you fix the wound in the soul that cuts into who you are? We're lucky. We have a talking family. We talk it out. And we love heartily. And my grandson WILL rise above this little bump in his path. He is going places. His Nana said so.

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