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Friday, March 20, 2009


computerPhones are our lifeline. It is our daily practice to call each other every morning. One or the other of us calls as I'm getting ready or on my way to work. This week I've been home on Spring Break, so my daughter and I have chatted quite a bit. Thanks to the camera feature, I've been able to see my new granddaughter grow. I've seen her smiles; heard her giggle and squeal; heard her first attempts to talk (she says papa in a sweet whisper, but she hasn't said "Gubba" for me yet) I've seen her silly antics as she plops her bucket upside down and sits on it in front of the tv. I've seen my grandson's hockey game/practice (and seen him sit in the penalty box) I've heard my daughter retell all the latest happenings in her home, with the background music of my precious grandkids playing while we talk. It's as if I am there while it's all going on. She calls for my advice when my grandson is in trouble, or to share a receipe, or ask me a question about cooking/baking. We are still close despite the long distance. Our long distance is free on the cell phone, although we use minutes when we call outside of the time parameters. We adjust when needed. I have 5 cents min. on my home landline. Even so, the cost is worth it. There is instant messaging on the computer, and even voice chat--if I can figure it out. I'll have to get my personal tech service to help me. (my son) Nothing can replace that personal connection when you hear your loved ones voices. Ahhhh, music to my ears.

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