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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Favorite Books

We all have favorite books. Some we read over and over again. My son loved the Arthur books and read them so much he could recite them from memory. Our school hosts a Books R Fun book fair frequently. Books are my weakness. I always end up spending $50 or more every time we have the book fair. Being an avid reader myself, I'm always looking for good books to share with my grandkids. They all know they can count on getting new books from their Gubba. I found a lovely book called, "Tea for Ruby" by Sarah Ferguson. Ruby is a precocious little girl that receives an invitation to tea with the Queen. She is so ecstatic, she runs to tell everyone. In her enthusiasm, she bumps and tousles people and receives a scolding each time. As she dresses for the occasion, her mother reminds her to use her manners. The ending in the book surprises you with the real identity of the Queen. Ruby is a little lady and remembers her manners while having tea with the Queen. My granddaughter, Makenzie loves this book. It has become a tradition to read this book during every visit. I always call and build her anticipation by planning the things we will do together when we visit. Our tea Party is the highlight, with cookies we bake together. I always call her Ruby, and you guessed it, I am the Queen.

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