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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Journal

As time goes on, I feel my relationship with my grandson slipping away. We still talk on the phone, but the conversations feel stilted. I started this blog, hoping people would add to my ideas,which are becoming fewer. I send the boxes that I know the kids enjoy, but I don't want the relationship to be just 'things my Gubba sends me'. I had suggested to my daughter to have my grandson keep a small pocket notebook to jot down things he'd like to tell me on our next phone call. Writing in the middle of having fun probably feels too much like work/school. I'd toyed with this new idea for my class; Let him take pictures to send me, sharing events or those simple beautiful moments when you wish the other person were there to see it. He can download and attach with comments in an email. It will be as if I were there.

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