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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After having my appendix out one Christmas, I received some nice gifts from my colleagues. One of those gifts was a coupon book, full of coupons to give to my grandson. Some of the coupons were more suited for parents to give their children. Others I could give and my grandson could redeem from me. Now that he lives so far away, I thought the coupons would be ineffective. Not so. I could still send him a coupon that says; Redeemable when visiting Gubba, or, I could customize the coupon and send money/items to my daughter to redeem the coupons in my absence. My son's grandma did a very special thing when she visited us from Ohio. She wrote little notes on tiny pieces of blue paper and hid them in my son's room. For months after she had left, he would find these sweet notes in odd places. They made him feel special and loved. She also sent a calendar one year with special notes written on different days of the year; "Today's your birthday! Have Fun!" or "I'm thinking of you" or "I miss you soooo much!" Wonderful ways to show someone they are special to you.