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Friday, July 3, 2009


Growing up is inevitable. At least physically. Seeing my grandchildren on my recent visit after last year's visit was testament to that fact. My grandson was taller and had slimmed significantly from his involvement with sports. This was also evidenced by his T-shirt which read, "Eat, Drink, Sleep, HOCKEY". My 20 month old granddaughter has learned to walk since my last visit, and is now speaking in 2 - 3 word sentences. Her personality is engaging--she is quite a tease. When we try to get her to say grandma, her eyes twinkle and she smilingly says, "Papa" in a little sweet voice. During my week-long visit, I caught only glimpses of my grandson. He spent most of his time in the Arizona Room playing his Playstation, or off with friends somewhere playing. He is ten now, so I know that is typical behavior. It seems the more he grows, the harder it is to connect with him. I should know this also from raising my own two children. I find myself needing to grow in this area. I need to give him the time to grow, and accept the time we do spend together. Rather than grieving time lost, I am determined to be grateful for time spent. Time is fleeting and fickle. Hang onto those precious moments, and treasure them in your heart.

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moosh said...

Let things go free and they will come back to you. You will be surprised the things he remembers in the years to come.