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Friday, June 5, 2009


When we were planning my trip to New York this Summer, I asked my grandson, "What should we do together while I'm visiting?" He began to list: "Go for walks, bake cookies...", all the things we did together when he still lived here in Arizona. Recently when his mom asked him what he wanted to do when Gubba comes, he said, "She can bake peanutbutter cookies." Why peanutbutter cookies? I thought. What memory does that hold? He always enjoyed baking cookies with me. Why this particular kind? Is he just hungry for them? Or is there a memory connection? When we baked peanutbutter cookies it was his job to make the crisscross marks in the tops of the cookies with a fork. I wonder if he is remembering that. When I get there we will be making more cookies. And more memories.

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